The Artistic Photography Of Shari Workman

Shari is a wonderful artistic photographer from Minnesota. Much of her work showcases the beautiful countryside where she lives. See more of her work at
This video was made with Shari's permission.

Here is what Shari has to say about herself:
I am 40-something, married with children (3 teenagers), and live on 20 acres of beautiful countryside in rural Minnesota (Central).  Born and raised a city girl (In Minneapolis), I truly have grown to love the wide open spaces, wild life and nature.  The world really is a beautiful place.

I have always enjoyed taking pictures; only the last few years I have taken it a bit more seriously, and can now officially call it Photography.  I love animals, flowers and macro photography.  As of late, I have been turning my images more into photo art than anything.  I am in a mode where I want to fine tune every pixel, and yes, getting that fussy can drive me crazy, but, when I reach that point, I generally put the image in a 'In Progress" folder and start on another one.  A week later, I find there's absolutely nothing wrong with it, and tweak it a tad and upload it. 

Most of my images are taken with a Nikon D70. Some were taken with my handy little pocket-sized Sony Cybershot. The lenses I use with the Nikon is: 70-300mm, 18-70mm, and a 90mm Macro. Oh, and I also have a 2X for attaching to the 300mm.

I tend to postwork most of my photo's .. For that, I primarily use Photoshop CS II, PhotoImpact , Painter8, and various freebies such as Neat Image, Virtual Photographer, and others. Anyway, thank you for your interest.

Cityscapes In Watercolor By Dan McCole

The Cityscapes of Dan McCole. Boston artist Dan McCole creates cityscapes from a different viewpoint than most. His works will soon be showcased in a new DVD. Visit his website at

LOST - John Locke - Speed Painting by Nico Di Mattia

Great example of computer graphic art being drawn by Nico Di Mattia. This is a time lapse film that takes 5 minutes to watch. The drawing took 3 hours to create using a pen pad and photoshop on a computer.

I find this film amazing.

Say an Ave there for me - New Art

This is a new computer graphic I recently finished. It is called "Ave" and I hope you enjoy looking at it.
Click on the picture to see a larger view.

My Recent Video

This is the most recent video that I added to YouTube. It is the first one that I  have done showing my own art. Hope you like it.