My First Art For Sale

This nature graphic is available as a poster or framed by clicking on the title above. This hopefully will be the first of many. It is the first that I have offered of my own that was not created for a client. The Old Mill is also available.

The Art Of Gina Pitkanen

Known as Ravnheart by her on-line friends, Gina Pitkanen lives in Finland and creates 3D art, 2D art created on a computer with photoshop and also takes great photographs. This is a sampling of her fantastic work.

I have always been interested in art even as a young child. Even then I was also a Poe fan but didnt know it yet. One of my first pictures was drawn in the cover of my dad's Complete works of Edgar Allan Poe =)About 5 years ago I got my first computer and then later I got into the graphics just to touch up my hand drawn works. Little did I know then there was a whole new world waiting just around the corner. Most people think that my nick name stands for having a black heart, this is not what my nick name stands for. I am part Cherokee Indian and really love ravens. So my nick name stands for having the heart of a Raven:)


I have long admired the work of Ilona Vozari and am pleased to showcase some of her work for your viewing with her permission. Ilona is a talented Brazilian woman who is crazy about life and design. These are some examples of her beautiful work. Ilona creates web sites, graphic design and computer graphics and 3D art.